Sunday, August 30, 2015

EDSA and the Separation of Church and State

(1) There are a lots of questions from many people, some of them are people known to me. We intend to keep the relationship intact so some questions are just aired in different medium and I prefer that. I myself would not take time to type on my phone to give explanations. Thus I made this article to give MY take on the recent issue that we, Iglesia Ni Cristo members, are in right now.

(2) We are not trying to topple the government or someone. We fight to uphold the separation of church and state. Don't stop here, please continue reading. Let me tell you about some of the recent events that caused this uproar.

(3) Mr Isaias Samson Jr, an expelled minister of the Church, caused division among members. As part of the disciplinary procedures to officers who transgressed the doctrines of the Church, he was suspended. In line with being suspended, he cannot act as he does when he was not yet suspended, and has to remain inside his residence while his case is being investigated.

(4) While on suspension, Mr Samson still managed to go outside his residence when, according to him, he said that he'll attend the worship service. He was allowed to go without security escorts. He even managed to have a press con. I wonder, if he is "detained," then he must have been escorted to ensure that he's not going anywhere. And take note that his residence is in separate compound outside the Central Complex.

(5) Now, Mr Samson filed an illegal detention case against the Church Council for an alleged abduction; and with the help of the Sec De Lima. This is the root of the protest. Why was there a special treatment/attention to the case filed by Mr Samson while this should actually be filed at the prosecutor level, as it should have been? And not just that alone: a month ago, the secretary has showed so much eagerness about the matter that has really concerned us members.

(6) If, IF, there was a detention (see par 3, last sentence) that happened, it was part of the Church's disciplinary action to erring ministers. This measure is doctrinal and is a religious affair. And the government—the DOJ for that matter—investigating the Church's disciplinary measure to its members is meddling with the Church. And I would just want to reiterate that no abduction ever happened (see par 4). It is but clear that the allegation is futile.

(7) Some say, isn't your bloc voting also meddling with the State afairs? The answer is no.

(8) So I quote Atty Bro Ferdinand Topacio in his article.

(9) "The Church has always adhered to a policy of non-interference with the political affairs of the country, in accordance with our doctrine that secular authorities are ordained by God (Romans 13:1).  
(10) "Those who scoff at this by saying that our voting as a bloc constitutes blatant politicking must understand that this principle is doctrinal as well. We believe that since we are One Body with Christ as our Head, there should be no divisions in that body (1 Corinthians 12:12-25)." 

(11) But why in many places in the country did you chose EDSA?

(12) We have been in Padre Faura and then moved to EDSA so that the authorities can feel the urgency of what we are protesting. I believe that all of us know that the even the farmers from the provinces go to the metro to air their grievances, didn't we?

(13) We sincerely apologize for causing traffic to the already heavy flow of traffic in EDSA, "but it was the only platform that [we] could think of at the moment where all officials of the government cannot fail to ignore... [It] was very frustrating to motorists [and commuters] but peaceful."

(14) To add, we are not forced by the Church Administration to go out. We are here to stand for and fight for our faith against anyone who tries to destroy them.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Facebook Etiquette

When a Facebook friend sends you a personal message, try your best to reply--one-word reply, a smiley, a thumb's up, a long explanation--whichever is most appropriate. This "seen at whenever time" thingy minus a reply from you gives an impression that you are IGNORING the friend. Blatantly said, it is tantamount to saying "talk-to-the-hand" on a personal conversation. Only this time, you are saying "talk-to-the-space."
When a close friend sends you a group message and you are not interested to participate in the discussion, you certainly have several options as well--ignore because the message is not for you alone but for the members of the group and there's no pushing you to like the message, POLITELY say you would leave the conversation (oftentimes, reasons are no longer needed). To leave the conversation WITHOUT notice is similar to turning your back on a group discussion and walking away.
You see, virtual space has now become as intimate as the personal space. It doesn't hurt to be well-mannered. We call it netiquette. In a bigger picture, we see it as CHARACTER.

From an FB post by Oh Laff

Monday, November 24, 2014

Death: Malas and Suwerte

My sister-in-law has just lost his Father this November 2014 after her mother died two years ago.

On the interment day, I have observed about some Filipino beliefs and practices on death which we think are just okay but, when we look into them, are odd and peculiar.

Throwing coins when you passed on an interment procession. Okay, I think it is a bit odd when the death is regarded as an opportunity--suwerte. Opportunity for the one who throws coins on your way to the resting place of someone you love. Suwerte because after tossing those change from the supermarket, they will be blessed with more money. But, isn't it quite dissing when someone tosses some 10 cents to relieve your mourning?

Splashing a bucket of water when you have passed a business establishment. Alright, not all business establishments but this usually happens on small businesses. After passing by their businesses, they splash a bucket of water on the front. Why? It is like, owners considers your lost as some kind of a malas. Malas in their business and they just wish that you took another route. Isn't it disrespecting?

These two are just some of the things I observed. Do you know any other beliefs and practices that you find a bit offending or you want to dissent my opinion? Say it on the comments section below.

Monday, August 04, 2014

2014 Ramon Magsaysay Awardees Announced

The Board of Trustees of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation (RMAF) on Thursday, July 31, 2014, announced that this year five individuals and one organization from Afghanistan, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines will receive Asia’s premier prize, the Ramon Magsaysay Award. The 2014 Awardees are:

  • Hu Shuli, from China. She is being recognized for “her unrelenting commitment to truthful, relevant, and unassailable journalism, her fearless promotion of transparency and accountability in business and public governance, and her leadership in blazing the way for more professional and independent-minded media practices in China.”
  • Saur Marlina Manurung, from Indonesia. She is being recognized for “her ennobling passion to protect and improve the lives of Indonesia’s forest people, and her energizing leadership of volunteers in SOKOLA’s customized education program that is sensitive to the lifeways of indigenous communities and the unique development challenges they face.”
  • Omara Khan Masoudi, from Afghanistan. He is being recognized for “his courage, labor, and leadership in protecting Afghan cultural heritage, rebuilding an institution vital for Afghanistan’s future, and reminding his countrymen and peoples everywhere that in recognizing humanity’s shared patrimony, we can be inspired to stand together in peace.”
  • The Citizens Foundation, from Pakistan. The organization is being recognized for “the social vision and high-level professionalism of its founders and those who run its schools, in successfully pursuing their conviction that, with sustained civic responsiveness, quality education made available to all—irrespective of religion, gender, or economic status—is the key to Pakistan’s brighter future.”
  • Wang Canfa, from China. He is being recognized for “his discerning and forceful leadership—through scholarly work, disciplined advocacy, and pro bono public interest litigation—in ensuring that the enlightened and competent practice of environmental law in China effectively protects the rights and lives of victims of environmental abuse, especially the poor and the powerless.”
  • Randy Halasan, for Emergent Leadership, from the Philippines. He is being recognized for “his purposeful dedication in nurturing his Matigsalug students and their community to transform their lives through quality education and sustainable livelihoods, doing so in ways that respect their uniqueness and preserve their integrity as indigenous peoples in a modernizing Philippines.”
Established in 1957, the Ramon Magsaysay Award is Asia’s highest honor and is widely regarded as the region’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize. It celebrates the memory and leadership example of the third Philippine president after whom the award is named, and is given every year to individuals or organizations in Asia who manifest the same selfless service that ruled the life of the late and beloved Filipino leader.

“The Magsaysay awardees of 2014,” says RMAF President Carmencita Abella, are truly beacons of progress in Asia. All of them are creating bold solutions to deeply-rooted social problems in their respective societies, problems which are most damaging to the lives of those trapped in poverty, ignorance, and unjust systems. Their inspiring and path-breaking leadership addresses very diverse areas—education for the poor and marginalized, environmental justice for pollution victims, increased transparency and accountability in corporate and public governance, and the restoration of cultural pride – and yet it is clear that each of this year’s Magsaysay awardees is building more hopeful lives among their people
one smart, responsible, and persistent step at a time.
“While their solutions are distinctively their own, there is one thing this year’s Magsaysay laureates all share: a greatness of spirit that infuses their leadership for change. They are all unafraid to take on large causes; they all refuse to give up, despite meager resources, daunting adversity and strong opposition. They are all deeply anchored in hope. We have much to learn from them, and much to celebrate about their greatness of spirit.”
The six 2014 Magsaysay awardees join the community of 301 other Magsaysay laureates who have received Asia’s highest honor to date. This year’s Magsaysay Award winners will each receive a certificate, a medallion bearing the likeness of the late President, and a cash prize. They will be formally conferred the Magsaysay Award during formal Presentation Ceremonies to be held on Sunday, 31 August 2014 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, to which the public is cordially invited.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Manuel H. Hizon
RMAF Communications Director
Tel. No.: +63-2-521-3166 to 75 locals 161 or 180
Telefax: +63-2-524-2390

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014: FANTASM

First Ever Live Action Role Play Event with Cosplay for a Cause 

"All Hail Britannia!" The famous line from the anime Code Geass will come into life as Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) and Red Cloud Interactive officially launched the final countdown to the first ever live action role-play event with cosplay for a cause in the Philippines. 

The initial launching was at Sci-Fi Café at Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas. The venue of the launch was very symbolic since Sci-Fi Café is the only restaurant of its kind in a country where you can enjoy being a toy collector, a cosplayer, and most importantly have a great and unique experience which is the same thing Fantasm wants to bring to every conger. 

#Fantasm will be on May 24–25 at Starland Themepark, 4th Level, Starmall Alabang. Britannia from the anime Code Geas will be brought to life through cosplay, the castle setting and also mass participation as everyone will be issues a Britannian ID. You will be identified as Elevents, HonoraryBritannian, Britannian or Britannian Royalty. Also, the event is becoming the biggest gathering of Otaku related organizations in the country with groups from Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, Tarlac and Bicol joining in. 

The event is FREE ADMISSION just bring one notebook plus an additional school supply like ballpen, pencil, etc. upon entering the venue. You will be given a designated Britannian ID afterwards. 

If you want to be a Britannian Royalty all you have to do is avail a VIP KIT for P350. The pass comes with 2-day access to the event, 1-day access to either the pool with swimming or the rides, 1 free Mogu-Mogu drink, unlimited baggage, front seat reservation, free registration to one competition and a limited edition Britannian Royalty ID. 

“We aim to bring a new kind of event. Although this is experimental we hope that everyone will have a unique experience and cosplayers will be treated as their characters,” says Lie Pagtalunan, President of NCPH.
Event highlights includes:
  • Cosplay Idol Season 2 Finals, the culmination of the search for the next cosplayer which has both the talent and the cosplay excellence (May 24).
  • Otaku Choice Awards, the first ever awards for the community (May 24).
  • Asia Music Festival Karaoke and Bandslam, a collection of singers and bands who will bring you Japanese songs and also some local melodies as well(May 24-25.
  • 1st Bolen Lareza Cosplay Competition, the very first separate competition for Chibi Cosplayers named after one of the best chibi cosplayer in the Philippines, Bolen Lareza. Judges for the event will also be her fellow chibi cosplayers and all of them are also impressive (May 24).
  • Fantasm Cosplay Lives, the first cosplay competition which aims to recognize “realism” in their cosplay characters. This competition will be judged by judges who are focused on one criteria which incudes difficulty, realism, engagement and costume (May 25). - Cosplay Checkers where you can see cosplaye rs used as checkers pieces playing on an 8x8 board (May 25).
  • Guest and Special Performances. Catch the performances of bands like Ikuzo Iwa, Happy Ending, Hiyas, Strange Orange, School Milk for a Dime and Kung Fu Day. Also, capture Raindrop, V’s Project, Kryzia Camille Santiago, Seiza, Tarlac Asian Dancers and performers from Anime Cosplay Empire.
Hero TV will be having a free dubbers’ workshop for everyone on May 24 entitled, “HERO Dub It Out. The Filipino audience and fans will also for the first time know in person dubbers of their favorite Hero TV shows as they present them on stage with voice samples as well. 

Fantasm will be a gathering of organizations as well and aims to unite the community under a cause of helping one another and the society. Among the partner organizations are Anime Corner Group Pilipinas, nime United Council, Aishiteru Anime, Anime Cosplay Empire, Antipolo Cosplayers, Anime Cosplay Colors PH, Anima Infinity, Extreme Generation Otaku Alliance, Heroes Are Us PH, Original Tarlac Cosplayers Unlimited, Otaku Zutto, Otaku Tayo, PATTS Otaku Alliance, Philippine Gaming Cosplayers, Subsonic Forge, and UP Manila-OMAKE.

Event partners includes: Spin Manila Bus TV, Hero TV, Cherry Credits, Dragon Nest, Avatar Star, The Philippine Events. Mozilla Firefox, Rocx Tees, Great Toys Online, Cubizone Philippines, Age of Kung-Fu, Mogu-Mogu, O-MIse, Comics Sale Central, Wakfu, I Wear Contact Lenses, Para Kordon, Project Wangun, YJC, Adarna House, Glue N’ Stitch, and Punk Sinatra. 

Media partners includes:,,, Otaku Asia Anime Magazine, GFC Magazine, Dee Jocson Photography, iCozplay Events Management, L5R Productions, The Great Events Plus, Bazaaristas Event Management, Deremoe, Anime PH, Cosplay and Anime Café, Anime Pilipinas, Reimaru Files, Otakista, GreekSilverHero Photography, Pitik Photography, Blue Pirates Production, Cosplay Network Philippines, Pinoy JMusic Media,, Ranneveryday , That Hikikomori Guy, Ayaldev Creatives, and The Products Blog. 

For more information about Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014: FANTASM you can check on the following:
Facebook: &
Twitter: @narutocosplayer
Official Hashtag: #Fantasm

Those who want to sponsor or have a booth can just contact the event team and look for Mr. David D’Angelo at 0909-624-1531 or 0906-769-7436. 

About Naruto Cosplayers PH
Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is one of the largest cosplay and Japanese culture based organization in the Philippines with background in events organizing and cosplay for a cause/charity works. The organization was featured several times in mainstream media and new media for its various activities. The organization is founded on October 10, 2010 which is the birthday of the anime character Uzumaki Naruto.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Philippine Labor Day 2014

This May 1, 2014, the Filipino people will be celebrating Labor Day, a national day, to recognize the toils of workers.

But how this special day for workers affects those in the agriculture industry? I wonder. Because the Labor Day, in my point of view, only affects those who are employed both in the public and privarte companies.
labour [láybər]

noun (plural labours)

1. physical work: work done using the strength of the body
Microsoft® Encarta® Premium Suite 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved
As per stated in the above definition, the real laborers are our farmers, fishermen, and the like who works for our food. Has there been any effort by the government to make the Labor Day take effect to them?

Every May 1, the news about protests and demonstrations are usual. The Kilusang Mayo Uno on the lead and many other labor groups walk on streets, holding placards and burning effigies. 

I wonder, how do these labor groups commemorate the Labor Day? How about they convene in one controlled chamber and have a Philippine Labor Day Summit annually wherein they will teach the Filipino laborers all over the country of their rights and all else about labor?

As an employee myself, I thank them because they are the ones who fight for the rights of employees and also the ones who push for higher wages. On the other hand, how do you teach the Filipino laborers about their rights if these groups are on street? Many, if not most, of the workers will just find the demonstrations and rallies as nuisance on their way to work.

There are lots of labor seminars about labor laws etc. being conducted in many places especially in Metro Manila but they are NOT FREE. So, I think, to be more productive and efficient, our labor group leaders must spearhead activities that will educate the labor force.

I do not know if there is existing activities like this by these groups so educate me if there is.

What is your thoughts about Labor Day in the Philippines?

Friday, March 14, 2014

McDonald's National Breakfast Day 2014

On March 17, 2014 you will definitely say "Hooray for today!" because McDonald’s will be celebrating the biggest breakfast event in the country. 

Dubbed the National Breakfast Day, McDonald's will be giving away FREE McMuffin sandwiches to first 1,000 customers per store all over the country starting at 6:00 am on a first-come-first-served basis. That is a total of 315,000 FREE McMuffins!

The National Breakfast Day is their way of saying "Thank you" to customers who always start their day at McDonald's.

Participating stores

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